The New Way to Communicate
Proimedia designs and supplies in-house TV systems / Digital Signage - a custom made TV network for specific needs of your business. In-house TV system is used for communication with customers, visitors and employees. Nowadays any business can have their own TV system and Proimedia can operate it all over the private networks and The Internet.
Digital Signage Content

Content is the most important part of your new digital signage solution from Proimedia. Captivating your customers is the first step in communicating your message effectively — the only way to do that is with great content. Proimedia can design your digital signage using custom content along with your logos and images to maintain your brand while enticing your viewers with static and motion graphics at the same time. Digital signs which use motion graphics have a longer lasting impact over a static poster or banner because they not only grab the attention of the viewer, they are able to keep it!

We make changing and updating your messaging quick and easy across your network, whether you handle it or we make the updates for you. Proimedia can also set up real-time data including weather, news feeds and more which will keep your customers interested longer or you can update any information simply by yourself, such as prices or items.

You can display content such as:
  • Interactive Menu Boards
  • Live Video and RSS Feed, showing national news, weather, stock tickers, QR Code or any other info
  • Time Stamps
  • Interactive and Promotional Advertising Information
  • Directional Information
  • Static Images and Graphics
  • Animated Images and Graphics
  • Interactive Applications, including touchscreen applications
  • Music and Sound
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Infographics
  • Incorporating content into your system for full functionality
  • Completely customizable templates let you control the message quickly and easily
  • New templates added frequently to keep your digital signage content exciting and current
  • Templates include designs for a wide range of occasions and communication needs
  • Templates are available for both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) screen orientations
  • Easily modify the templates to meet your specific need
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Where to Use
Bars & Restaurants
Educational Institutions
Fitness Centres
Medical Offices
Real Estate Offices
Spa Salons
Travel Agencies
What We Offer

At Proimedia we understand that not every customer is the same, your business is unique and so is digital signage. We take into account your needs and help you develop a solution for how to implement digital signage into your place of business.

Proimedia offers a variety of solutions for any digital signage need. We provide digital signage hardware, digital signage software, and digital signage content a la carte, so you can pick and choose which elements you need.

We can design your original digital signage architecture, host your database while you manage the content, or host and manage your entire network through content concierge.We work with you to determine the digital signage solutions you will need and help you put together a package that will best suit your business. We tailor your digital sign to meet your company's expectations, providing exemplary service from beginning to end.

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Digital signage delivers a unique experience that gets results. With engaging content, viewers are not only more likely to notice your messages but research shows they are receiving the message and act on it.

We specialize in developing technology solutions, as well as delivering a high-end conceptual design.


Glamour Proimedia TV it’s a media platform (In-house TV) in Nail Salons Network, designed and implemented to entertain people while they are having a service.

Glamour Proimedia TV consists of interesting, fashionable and modern content:
  • World news
  • Fashion trends
  • Healthy tips and recipes
  • Celebrity news
  • Travel news
  • Fashion stories, pictures and videos
  • And most of the screen will contain client’s advertising and Nail Salon specials!
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